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    Animal Crossing: Amiibo and amiibo cards in New Horizons is auxiliary content in island life. Not necessary, but very useful in helping players play the game. Whether it is to get Nook Miles from the large collection of NFC small animals or to play a role in establishing the image of the island. All players need to understand.

    Play on Harv’s Island and get a photo poster

    This is a design trip. By using Animal Crossing amiibo, players can then travel to and from Harv’s Island without spending any Animal Crossing Bells or Nook Miles Tickets.

    Harv is a hip-hop puppy, very cute. You can find him around the residents’ service tent. There is a photography studio on his island. In Photopia, using amiibo and amiibo cards can summon some characters to take photos in various poses. Although the number is limited, players can go to the “Special Goods” section of Nook Shopping in the Nook Stop terminal to unlock the poster version for anyone you invite to Photopiain on the second day after going to the island, and then you can hang it on The wall at home.

    Invite villagers to visit the camp

    After the player upgrades the permanent service from a tent to a building, they can use the amiibo and amiibo cards to invite villagers to visit the camp. Although you cannot invite Resetti or Digby to these types of characters, communicating with other villagers in the camp is a way for them to stay on the island. The worst result is to be able to get the souvenirs they made for you.

    Buying amiibo and amiibo cards is different from Buy ACNH Bells, and both help players play the game. Players can enjoy a better gaming experience.

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