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    A First Introduction to Quantum Computing and InformationBernard Zygelman9783319916286
    A Primer on Quantum ComputingFranklin De Lima Marquezino, Renato Portugal, Carlile Lavor9783030190651
    An introduction to quantum computingPhillip Kaye, Raymond Laflamme, Michele Mosca9780198570004
    Computational Quantum MechanicsJoshua Izaac, Jingbo Wang9783319999296
    Experimental aspects of quantum computingHenry O. Everitt9781441935700
    Foundations of Quantum ProgrammingMingsheng Ying9780128023068
    Fundamentals of quantum optics and quantum informationPeter Lambropoulos, David Petrosyan9783540345718
    Introduction to quantum computersGary D. Doolen, Ronnie Mainieri, Vldimir I. Tsifrinovich, Gennady P. Berman9780585459158
    Introduction to Quantum Information ScienceMasahito Hayashi, Satoshi Ishizaka, Akinori Kawachi, Gen Kimura, Tomohiro Ogawa (auth.)9783662435021
    Lectures on Quantum InformationDagmar Bruß, Gerd Leuchs9783527405275
    Logic and Algebraic Structures in Quantum ComputingJennifer Chubb, Ali Eskandarian, Valentina Harizanov9781107033399
    Mathematics of quantum computationRanee K. Brylinski, Goong Chen9781584882824
    Mathematics Of Quantum Computing: An IntroductionWolfgang Scherer9783030123581
    Practical Quantum Computing for Developers: Programming Quantum Rigs in the Cloud using Python, Quantum Assembly Language and IBM QExperienceVladimir Silva9781484242179
    Problems & Solutions in Quantum Computing & Quantum InformationWilli-Hans Steeb, Yorick Hardy9789812387899
    Programming Quantum Computers: Essential Algorithms and Code SamplesEric R. Johnston, Nic Harrigan, Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia9781492039686
    Quantum Computation and Quantum Information: 10th Anniversary EditionMichael A. Nielsen, Isaac L. Chuang9781107002173
    Quantum Computer Science: An IntroductionN. David Mermin9780511342585
    Quantum Computing ExplainedDavid McMahon9780470181362
    Quantum Computing for Computer ScientistsNoson S. Yanofsky, Mirco A. Mannucci9780521879965
    Quantum computing for everyoneBernhardt, Chris9780262350914
    Quantum Computing: A Gentle IntroductionEleanor Rieffel, Wolfgang Polak9780262015066
    Quantum Computing: An Applied ApproachJack D. Hidary9783030239213
    Quantum information: an introductionMasahito Hayashi9783540302650
    Quantum Information: An Introduction to Basic Theoretical Concepts and ExperimentsGernot Alber, Thomas Beth, Michał Horodecki, Paweł Horodecki, Ryszard Horodecki, Martin Rötteler, Harald Weinfurter, Reinhard Werner, Anton Zeilinger (auth.)
    Quantum Machine Learning : What Quantum Computing Means to Data MiningPeter Wittek9780128009536
    Scalable quantum computers: paving the way to realizationSamuel L. Braunstein, Hoi-Kwong Lo9783527403219
    The Theory of Quantum InformationJohn Watrous
    Twenty-First Century Quantum Mechanics: Hilbert Space to Quantum Computers: Mathematical Methods and Conceptual FoundationsGuido Fano, S M Blinder9783319587318
    Quantum Information Theory: Mathematical FoundationMasahito Hayashi (auth.)9783662497234
    Introduction to the Theory of Quantum Information ProcessingJános A. Bergou, Mark Hillery (auth.)9781461470922
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