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    Feel free to post new topics and/or replies in any of the subforums.

    Below is a guide to formatting new posts. The intention of it is to standardize posts to simplify searching.

    Please suggest additional categories as they become necessary and I will update this.

    New posts

    Please format new posts that link to external sites in the following way where possible:

    Topic title categories:

    • Paper
    • Article
    • News
    • Website

    Follow the category with the year in brackets (2020)

    Follow the year with a hyphen then the title.


    Paper (2020) – The rise and fall of quantum computing

    In the body of the topic, start with Abstract:

    Follow this with the abstract.

    Follow the abstract with a new line then then link to the full text. It would be nice if we had a proper citation tool/generator but presently this is unavailable. If anyone wants to create or suggest one, let me know!


    Abstract: In this paper we discussĀ  how progress in quantum computing follows a cyclical pattern.

    If a paper is one that starts an entire subfield (eg. Shor factorisation), put original paper in the topic tags. Other tags can be added or omitted as you see fit.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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